Here’s everything you need to know about natural rubber yoga mats and why they are the best

Yoga is one of the healthiest forms of exercising for human bodies. It helps in keeping the mind fresh and the body full of energy and strength. However, it is necessary to understand what kind of yoga moves your body requires accordingly. Yoga can be practiced at home, in the gym and also on the grass in a park, but for that, you will need a mat for keeping on the ground.

What are the Benefits of Natural Rubber Mat?

– Made of 100% rubber from natural trees and free from synthetic contents.
– It is eco-friendly and easy to clean.
– It has a high-power grip surface when being used for balancing yoga moves.
– It comes with the extra long surface (72”x 24”) which means there is more space for working out easily.
– The mat has a thickness of 5mm which means it provides great cushioning and comfort to the practitioner’s knees.
– It is made of non-slip coating on top of natural rubber trees which protects the mat from sweat seeping in.
– Premium quality guaranteed with a free yoga mat bag with every yoga mat purchase.

Where to Buy These Mats?

These mats can be purchased online in three different colors:

Acarya natural rubber yoga mat- in purple color:

Acarya natural rubber yoga mat- in black color:

Acarya natural rubber yoga mat- in pink color:

In conclusion, it is very important to have a proper grip on the ground which is why it is always suggested to go for natural rubber yoga mats as it is very friendly to the human body and does not cause any rashes on the skin when it contacts the body parts.

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