Do You Need Methadone Treatment for Whole Life?

This is a question often posed by people who come forward for taking methadone treatment to get rid of their opioid addiction. As a matter of fact, that will depend upon the progress shown by individual, which is not the same with everyone. However, one has to give sufficient time to this treatment to find your answer.

In general, any out-patient may need 90 days to observe the result that he has after the initial treatment. However, if you are talking about any proper treatment of methadone near me program, then it will be minimum 12 months, while for many it can be many years too.

Various stages of methadone treatment

The fact is that longer a patient stays with this program, better will be their chances to overcome opiate addiction, use and relapse. Only less than 20% patients may need treatment for 10 years or more. The best part of the methadone maintenance program is that there is no negative impact even if you continue it for decades. Following are various stages of this treatment.

  • Induction phase

You will need dosage as per your level of comfort from cravings and symptoms. Patients will need to participate in health program support and counseling.

  • Phases of rehabilitation and maintenance

After reaching comfortable dosage limit, the daily dosage will continue. Few take home doses/weeks may be increased.

  • Tapering

Tapering off methadone may start any time; however minimum of one year is advised for better treatment results.

So, are you now ready to take this treatment? Let us see if you are able to answer with big YES to all these questions that have been presented below:

  1. Are you having a well settled home as well as family life, which are also supported by reliable income?
  2. Did you show to your doctor a history with better compliance with all the programs of methadone treatment?
  3. Whether your primary treatment provider agree with your preparedness and timing for tapering?
  4. Are you fully committed to return back to this treatment program if there is relapse?
  5. Will you completely avoid drug and alcohol abuse?

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