4 Beard Diseases That You Didn’t Know About

Sanitation is what makes one the king of good times. Whether it is keeping your body healthy or your beard. What’s The trend around sanitation today is the beard. With modernization and westernization coming in, people are starting to accept the idea of growing a beard in India. A little knowledge about your beard can impact your health a lot.

When your partner, your loved ones and friends comment on your decision to grow your beard they might actually be an indicating towards the hygiene of your beard. So let’s take a look at the few less known problems that your macho beard could give you if not taken care of well.

1_ Seborrheic Dermatitis:

Are you someone who tends to develop dandruff in their hair? If you do so, this might scale to your facial hair and cause itchiness in your hair. When this happens, your skin tends to get oily, you develop heat boils and your hair’s natural colour might tend to fade away. Research says it is caused by the yeast pityrosporum, which lives everywhere. This doesn’t happen to everybody as it depends on the quantity of yeast you have developed and the immunity of your skin. When your face starts to turn red and scaly, it is recommended to get yourself checked out by a dermatologist.

2_ Staph infections:

Well, the bacteria that influences this problem is staphylococcus aureus. This lives on most people’s skin in the less visible regions. Humidity and skin flaking are the major symptoms of this problem. Being aware of how your  skin is reacting to weather and dust is important . Anti-itching lotions are recommended to keep yourself off of this condition.

3_ Sycosis Barbae:

Have you had a phase where you haven’t shaved or trimmed your beard? This can prove extremely unhygienic and may cause a chronic infection if not dealt with the right way. Sycosis Barbae occurs when the germs dive deep into your skin and affects your beard area. Washing your beard well with disinfectant and shampoo. In severe cases, antibiotic is recommended by the doctor.

4_ Lice:

Hair lice don’t live in the facial area as the hair is too coarse for them and hair is well spaced out making it a less suitable place for lice to infest. Irritation from the nits cause irritation in your beard. People with curly hair tend to develop lice a lot more. Anti-lice medicine is recommended or shaving your beard and regrowing it could work well too.

Preventing measures for these beard diseases is good hygienic care of your body and skin. Ensuring your shampoo and soap goes deep into the skin and cleanses your hair leaves all the uncertainty of facing these problems behind. In today’s world, with life-threatening ailments like cancer, transplant and diabetes struggling to find a cure. And healthcare growing more expensive with time. We recommend you to have a good inner and exterior sanitation. This ensures the risk of falling fate to these diseases is minimum.

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